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How to use Sensoterra sensors over the Inmarsat IsatData Pro satellite network with the MinFarm MF-400 IoT Satellite Bridge

Measuring the water content of soil is a vital tool to aid farmers with management of their crop. If plants receive too little, or too much water this results in penalties on crop yield and quality - which translates to lost revenue at harvest. In many agricultural areas of the world, farmers invest in irrigation systems to apply water to crops, however the system is only as good as the operator, and knowing how much water to apply to the crop is vital. Soil moisture sensors are a well-established technology that farmers use to calculate the volumetric water content (%) of the soil. If the volumetric content is too low, then farmers can choose to irrigate and make a decision on how long to irrigate for. Traditionally soil moisture sensors have an in-built data logger which must be manually read in the field. This means more field visits for the farmer, and less ability to react to quickly changing conditions. New age, wireless soil moisture technology overcomes this problem by sending the data to the cloud and enabling alerts if certain thresholds are met (e.g. soil is too dry). However, a lack of access to mains power and terrestrial connectivity prevents deployment of such systems in rural agricultural environments. This use case focuses on the use of soil moisture sensors, enabled by a private LoRaWAN™ network and backhauled by Inmarsat IsatDataPro.






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